EFC – Adjust the hardness of the seating and lying surface with a single movement




If you sit on an efc equipped seat, you can adjust its hardness with a single hand movement, without using external energy, compressors or other techniques: with this, the comfort of the surface can be 100% customized!

With our furniture development, we have made it adjustable and can take the comfort of any currently used cushion or mattress to a new level. please take a look at our short videos presenting the technology! >>

EFC – New definition of comfort


Adjustable softness creates added value.

Ideally simple and ready for mass-production

Adjustable comfort cannot be made easier and cheaper.

Significantly reduced eco-footprint and 50% longer life

Supporting retailers and manufacturers with comprehensive and powerful marketing

Professional decision preparation:
It only takes a few minutes to run
through, but if you’d like,
It is finely detailed.

Below, we give you a quick overview of the possibilities of adopting our technology, while also providing detailed information in the “fine print” section.

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Detailed technological information, live presentation and personal information

Start a dialogue with us! Begin the process of efc comfort technology integration with us!

The aim of the integration process is to effectively identify the benefits and potential challenges associated with the use of the new comfort technology.

We will guide you step by step through the possibilities of adopting our technology, helping you to make an ideal decision on the application of the technology with all the necessary information.

If you feel it is time to start a dialogue, you can find the contact options at the bottom of the page.

Detailed technological information, live presentation and personal information

Start a dialogue with us! Begin the process of efc comfort technology integration with us!

The aim of the integration process is to effectively identify the benefits and potential challenges associated with the use of the new comfort technology.

We will guide you step by step through the possibilities of adopting our technology, helping you to make an ideal decision on the application of the technology with all the necessary information.

If you feel it is time to start a dialogue, you can find the contact options at the bottom of the page.



Objectives and limitations of furniture developers: design trends versus ideal comfort


For decades, the boldest developers have sought to find the ideal balance between pampering comfort, captivating design and balancing the use of a variety of materials with practicality.

Most of the time, they are struggling with the need to keep the cost of all this at the desired level.

We often encounter the problem that what fits the current trends has a low level of comfort, and what is comfortable does not fit the defining trends.

Some prefer design, others always try to improve the comfort of the sitting and reclining surface to a higher level.




A significant proportion of customers do not want to compromise!

They want to find the perfect comfort and the right design in the same furniture at the same time (…)

There are a growing number of conscious buyers who do not want to choose. they want the perfect comfort and the right design at the same time.

This is a task that keeps the entire industry excited, and which would certainly be a remarkable technological innovation to tackle.

This is exactly what efc offers you.


How many sales fail each year because design and comfort do not meet?

Your customers will never again have to choose between the trifecta of comfort, design and practicality (…)

According to the statistics, a surprisingly high percentage of furniture sales are not realized because the most attractive furniture is not comfortable enough, or vice versa, the customer does not like the appearance of the comfortable furniture.

What percentage of sales can be saved by the elimination of this problem?

One of the many advantages of efc comfort technology is that it resolves this conflict. your customers will never have to choose between comfort, design and practicality again, because... we have created the key to adjustable comfort!
Using efc technology, you can provide a form of comfort to everyone that is unlike any other.


The efc technology provides a solution to the problem of design and comfort thanks to its adjustable pillow and mattress hardness







The comfort of a piece of furniture is influenced by many factors, but we believe that enabling adjustable pillow and mattress firmness is one of the most important aspects to ensure ideal comfort. (…)


Variable hardness mattresses have already existed, but they are technologically complex and costly for the most part, or they have made comfort modifications in a non-user-friendly way.

So far, on the one hand, cumbersome and impractical solutions have been developed to regulate the softness of the seating or lying surfaces, while on the other hand, automated beds often come at the price of a small car.

These technologies have not been able to change the culture of furniture production.

We had to find a solution that would enable you to serve people's need for comfort at a whole new level, at a low cost and in bulk.

The result is efc comfort technology.

It could not be cheaper or more simple!

Efc comfort technology is the simplest and cheapest way to continuously and individually control the hardness or even softness of any sitting or lying surface. (…)


Through long experimentation, simplification, testing and further simplification, the system has become the ideal, and most importantly, cost-effective option that is the key to the personalized and adjustable comfort people crave!

The mass production of adjustable hardness mattresses
at the lowest cost possible!


We offer a brand new, built-in comfort technology for the furniture industry, which takes the comfort of any currently used cushion or mattress to a new level.

We can make any upholstered furniture or mattress more comfortable

We can take the comfort of any currently used
Seating cushion or mattress to a new level.

Easy and simple to adopt

With practically minimal modifications, it can be installed in any upholstered furniture or mattress, with negligible changes in production costs.

Excellent added value

It does not replace the comfort systems currently in use, but complements them with the luxury of adjustability.

It can be combined with any comfort system

It can be applied with smooth and layered foams, memory foams and subsequently with bag-spring solutions or any alternative comfort system.

Long life

Provides 50% longer life to the applied PU foam as a result of fatigue tests.

Simple and reliable

Resolve the issue of adjustable sitting and lying surface comfort by making it infinitely simpler. Its operation is reliable, the possibility of failure is so low that we offer a lifetime guarantee.

Suitable for mass production

The cost of using the technology is so low that it can be integrated into furniture that are sold in large volumes.



For centuries, people have been looking for a solution to perfect rest.

Ez This seems to be a simple question, yet decades have passed between the creation of a breakthrough technology.

All of the inventions not only led to the development of the furniture industry, but also, almost without exception, brought international success to the companies that first applied the new technology..

Today, the majority of these companies are not only successful, but in almost all cases, as global companies, their names are synonymous with quality, luxury and innovation.

The real breakthrough successes have never been achieved by premium products addressing only the narrow market, but almost always by technologies available to the masses.

However, innovations that are accessible to everyone have appeared relatively rarely, only every 30-40 years, and in recent decades, since the entry of memory foam mattress into the market in 1991, there have been no newcomers.

In 2021, we reached the end of the 30-year cycle. EFC comfort technology is changing the way we all think about comfort!

Learn more about the
development of matress

The comfort technologies used so far will NOT be replaced, but will be SUPPLEMENTED.

The comfort technologies used so far will NOT be replaced, but will be SUPPLEMENTED.

‘The revolutionary nature of EFC is that it does not replace but rather adds value to the existing proven foam types and spring mattresses.

Whether it’s the simplest or even the latest state-of-the-art comfort technology, the EFC system can take it to a higher level, complementing it with the everyday luxury of unique control. This innovation undoubtedly has the potential to fundamentally change the world of sitting and lying comfort.

Before EFC, the sitting or lying surface of a piece of furniture was as the designers intended: hard, medium or soft. With EFC, the sitting or reclining surface of any furniture can be just as hard or soft as the user wants. We have seen the future!. …and it is very comfortable!

The surface comfort can now be freely adjusted with a single movement.
The EFC Comfort System is the latest innovation in the furniture industry, providing the user with maximum comfort and outstanding market opportunities for the manufacturer!

A felületi kényelem mostantól egyetlen mozdulattal szabadon állítható.

Az EFC Comfort System a legújabb innováció a bútoriparban, amely használójának maximális kényelmet, a gyártónak pedig kimagasló piaci lehetőségeket biztosít!

Softer or harder in a single movement – Introducing EFC technology

The softness and firmness of the seating and lying surfaces of furniture equipped with EFC technology can therefore be adjusted with a single movement.

Comfort is controlled by turning, opening and closing an easily accessible, aesthetically pleasing valve located at the bottom or side of the cushion.

When closed, the cushion is firm and tight. When open, it is soft and saggy. In the case of a loaded surface, when the valve is opened, air is released from the cushion. By closing the valve at a given moment, the user can determine how much air remains to support them. (This function is very similar to adjusting the height of an office swivel chair.)

Thanks to this, the hardness of the sitting and reclining surface of the furniture equipped with the technology can be regulated in practically infinite variations. Users can adjust the sitting or reclining surface to their exact needs with the infinite adjustment. A more detailed explanation of how the technology works can be found in the menu at the bottom of the page.

Presenting EFC in practice


Another important aspect of the development is that you can get an adjustable hardness mattress or seat without the help of an external energy source or device.

We have found a way to move air to adjust and control the hardness and softness of the surface without any extra energy or technology (pumps, compressors, use of electricity).

Since environmental awareness is of paramount importance to us, it is named after this feature of the invention:




The EFC comfort system has no significant impact on the production costs of the product. The price is only minimally increased, but the added convenience features carry a number of opportunities:

  • The products offered in the premium segment can be created from the existing furniture at a higher price.
  • Existing products can be sold on a much wider market at similar prices due to the extra premium features.

Sales volume and profitability for different hardness adjustment technologies


Reducing costs at higher comfort levels

With the use of EFC technology the amount, quality and cubic weight of foam used can be reduced. Higher comfort levels can be achieved by using less and cheaper materials.

Due to its comfort-enhancing effect, the use of cheaper, less elastic materials, lighter foam weighs and simpler support systems can be sufficient, which can reduce the cost of production.



Opens up opportunities to enter
new, special markets

The technology provides excellent access to a number of specific target markets, such as the hotel industry, where EFC is an excellent solution for the different comfort needs of constantly changing guests. Similarly, the health, automotive and public transport industries can enjoy outstanding advantages thanks to EFC technology.

Durable and
environmentally friendly

Significantly reduced eco-footprint
and outstanding WARRANTY

Extra durable furniture, outstanding
warranty options

Load tests have proven that an EFC mattress is 50% more durable than its conventional counterparts.

Even after 40,000 load cycles, there was only 2.3% height loss and 2.6-7.6% softening. Furthermore, the decrease in hardness was not measurable.

Manufacturer’s LIFETIME

As a manufacturer, under normal use, all EFC mattress cores come with an unconditional lifetime warranty.

Green technology,
the eco-footprint

EFC technology offers a real partial solution to one of today’s biggest problems, pollution. It does not use energy and, due to its longer life, it creates a lower amount of waste.

Instead of using cold foam mattresses without neglecting cost-effectiveness and comfort aspects, the technology provides the possibility to use bag-spring mattresses with the same properties while being less damaging to the environment with the help of EFC.


Supporting trade and manufacturers with comprehensive and powerful MARKETING

EFC is a proprietary technology, coupled with highly effective marketing and sales support.

Every aspect of the technology is patented



The interest generated by marketing in communication is limited only to the manufacturers using EFC technology.

Competitors offering alternatives are not expected for years.

communication for manufacturers


EFC’s end-consumer communication builds a strong brand, but only emphasizes functionality, thus not suppressing but actually supporting manufacturer communication.

In addition, communication is open, so that even the products of manufacturers can be included in the advertising materials as part of our communication to the end-consumers of the technology.

In this way, the first manufacturers to use the technology can expect a prominent appearance. In parallel with the development of the market, this marketing activity will naturally decrease while noise from the competition will increase.

Unique sales


Retailers will receive unique sales support on the market.

In addition to the usual printed and point-of-sale POS materials, we provide technology, sales technique and communication training to retailers.


Connection with the future

We expect a serious market rearrangement – The application of EFC requires a new approach and a different mentality from all manufacturers in the future.

International trends have been predicting the direction and development for years

The customizable hardness mattress has come a long way since its first technological implementation in 2004, and although it is now available from almost all exclusive overseas manufacturers, its perfect, mass-accessible implementation is no longer anticipated (…)

The EFC comfort technology carries with it all the features, for which there has been no solution in the last 17 years.

Unlike previous solutions, it is a simple, low-cost additional technology that enables companies that produce for each market segment to find what makes the furniture they offer even more in demand or even to conquer new markets.

EFC comfort technology will not be the luxury of the future, but a fundamental feature of furniture of tomorrow.

Sales reform
with the support of EFC

Adjustable hardness is innovative
its new technology goes beyond
the options manufacturers should consider (…)

We offer unprecedented complex customer acquisition, brand-building communication, marketing support and an innovative problem-focused sales concept to all market players involved in the sale of EFC furniture, free of charge.
The EFC-branded shops go beyond the classic furniture shops, bed, sleep and chair studios. In these stores, shopping will not only be an experience, but you can also find answers to all your comfort, leisure and even posture related questions and problems.

From manufacturers to wholesalers to retailers, the EFC distribution network receives all the theoretical and material support it needs for a truly successful sale.
The retailers who stand beside EFC technology will be a temple of comfort, those familiar with the rest that can be created to meet current needs, thus helping people's lives by ensuring a proactive, balanced and painless day-to-day existence.

The future of our everyday furniture: With the entry of EFC on the market, the rearrangement of market demand is guaranteed.

EFC comfort technology, like the appearance of water beds, stimulates demand, as it is the perfect solution to the lack of adjustable hardness that has existed in the market for years, without carrying any economic, production and use risks.

Instead of the risks inherent in the use of water beds, this is a simple and low-cost technology that has enabled the integration of features that are usually reserved for luxury, exclusive furniture sold at a price level above USD 2,000, even for existing furniture families intended and manufactured for masses.

In addition, this should be accompanied by an increase in durability and, where appropriate, even simpler support systems (…)

The sudden surge in demand for technology can be taken for granted. Similar to the appearance of the water beds, it will be a trendy feature that has been the privilege of high price products until now, which will now be accessible to almost everyone. In addition, it has a comfort advantage that goes beyond memory foam, which is still very popular today, as it can be used in combination with memory foam to reach the maximum comfort possible with current technology.

EFC WILL BE SYNONYMOUS WITH COMFORT, and through patented technology, the question is not whether it is PRUDENT to bring in manufacturers, but which manufacturer will be among the first to benefit from this still available competitive advantage!

Begin a dialogue
with us!

Start the process of EFC comfort technology integration
with us!

We will guide you step by step through the possibilities of adopting our technology, helping you to make an ideal decision on the application of the technology with all the necessary information.

The aim of the integration process is to effectively identify the benefits and potential challenges associated with the use of the new comfort technology. Of course, starting a dialogue does not in itself entail commitment.

I am a furniture  or mattress manufacturer, I want to ask for more information and register. I want to use EFC technology.


What additional benefits can the use of this technology bring as a furniture manufacturer?


A detailed presentation of EFC in practice



Historical presentation
The past will reveal a great future

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