EFC Adjust the hardness of the seating and lying surface with a single movement

EFC Comfort Technology,

which reforms the concept of comfort.

EFC Comfort Technology,

which reforms the concept of comfort.

At the world premiere of EFC Comfort Technology, around 500 visitors had the opportunity to try the experience of adjustable softness and hardness provided by EFC.

With the need of completeness, the audience could examine chairs, beds, armchairs and sofas at the event, so that they could get the most comprehensive picture of the comfort revolution, a comfort technological development that had not been seen for decades.

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It was proven on the test day!

EFC Technology is a solution to this mass demand. 80.4% of the respondents would like to use EFC comfort technology on a daily basis, and even every second person would immediately replace their existing furniture with it.

The opinion of the man on the street

As one of the main goals of the event, we wanted the opinion of the common people.

We asked people who tried EFC furniture to fill out a comprehensive, extremely detailed questionnaire with more than 20 questions.

By the end of the day, it became clear from the more than 130 evaluable questionnaires that people have longed for years to be able to change the hardness of sitting and lying surfaces to their liking.

Our need of comfort is constantly changing depending on our current physical and mental state.

EFC reforms the concept of comfort, as it makes available to everyone the comfort that can be adapted to our needs at the moment.

It was a special happiness for us to see the joy on people’s faces and the desire to enjoy the comfort experienced here in their own homes and in their own furniture.


How often do people find
their bed uncomfortable?


Did you feel that the furniture equipped with EFC technology was more comfortable than the traditional one and would you like to adjust its hardness if you had the means?


73.7% of the respondents would replace their existing furniture with EFC technology.

„I really like that the furniture is conforming to me”
„Love it! Super!” „I will definitely buy it.”

EFC Technology with the eyes of an average person

Several of the testers voiced their opinions and were available to us in the form of an interview, telling us their thoughts about EFC Technology.
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Start the
conversation with us!

Come with us with the EFC comfort technology
integration process!

We will guide you step by step through the possibilities of adapting our technology, we will help you to make the ideal decision regarding the application of the technology with all the necessary information.

The goal of the integration process is to effectively determine the benefits and possible challenges associated with the use of new comfort technology. Of course, starting a dialogue with us does not in itself mean commitment.

I am a furniture or mattress manufacturer, I would like more information and register. I want to use EFC technology.


What are the additional benefits of using the technology as a furniture manufacturer?


Detailed presentation of the operation of EFC



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